Author: Sophia Smith

Sophia Smith is a freelance writer from Brisbane, Australia with huge interest in beauty, makeup, fashion, photography and graphic design. Sophia is also very passionate about DIY projects. She could be described as beauty addict and life lover. She writes in mostly beauty related topics, mainly through blogs and articles.

Even though we’ve already stepped deeply into the summer, we continued to seek an inspiration in its powerful symbols, what especially refers to jewellery that reflects radiant marine energy we all enjoy so much. This gives us a feeling that we’ve completely dived into the spectacular summery season while constantly carrying the spirit of exotic marine landscapes. So, regardless if you prefer necklaces, rings, bracelets or earrings, this season’s jewellery trends based on divine nautical motifs are definitely something you must welcome into your accessories collection. Anyway, before you embrace this fantastic trend, discover the spectra of symbols and designers’…

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